There’s no smarter business insurance partner than True & Associates. Our underwriters and industry specialists work closely with your business to provide property and casualty insurance coverages that help you manage your business’s risk exposures, defend against liabilities and protect your long-term interests.

With reliable protection and outstanding risk control and claim services, along with dedicated customer service from our agency, you have the freedom to focus on managing your business.

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Renewable Energy:

Watch the video below from Travelers to learn more about Renewable Energy and it’s associated coverage options. The industry is poised for immense growth over the next half-century. Insurance Carriers are aware and offer highly competitive rates for the desirable industry.

Travelers Renewable Energy



  • Risk Control services focused on preventing loss

    We recognize that the least disruptive loss is the one that never occurs. With a broad array of expertise in middle management accountability, ergonomic assessments, route driver work methods, slip/fall analysis, fire protection systems, sprinkler plan reviews, infrared testing, risk transfer, foreign products liability and more. Our Risk Control consultants have a long and successful history of helping businesses protect workers, safeguard assets and improve productivity.

    We offer a comprehensive package of risk control services that can help your business avoid costly work stoppages.

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  • Effective and supportive claim handling service

    We provide a consistent, seamless approach to claim handling, beginning with initial claim reporting and ending with the final resolution of a claim. Our claims experts understand coverage and will see to it that your claims are handled promptly. Insurance carriers promise claim protection, if your independent broker partner that secures claims are paid.

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  • Cost management programs that can save you money

    True and Associates has many cost and case management programs designed to help manage and mitigate the overall cost of loss, including: medically-approved return-to-work programs that consistently return injured workers back to work quickly and safely; legal services that concentrate on controlling expenses and providing fair outcomes; medical peer review for a number of specialties; and state-of-the-art online budget, billing and communications systems — just to name a few.

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  • Products

    True and Associates broad portfolio of products goes beyond the standard business coverage’s. We offer the key coverage’s you need to protect your business.

    These and other cost management programs help you save substantial claim dollars and help improve productivity.

    Read through our robust list of products and services:

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    • Theft / Employee Dishonesty — provides coverage for employee dishonesty
    • Business Interruption — provides protection designed to get your company back in business and operating at pre-loss levels as soon as possible
    • Key Employee Replacement Expense — provides coverage for replacement expense incurred due to the permanent loss of services of a key named employee caused by a covered accident
    • Machinery and Equipment Breakdown — for the sudden and accidental breakdown of pressure, mechanical and electrical equipment
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    • Non-owned Detached Trailers — provides coverage for customers or contract carriers’ trailers left on your property
    • Transportation Coverage — protects property in transit, including goods transported to customers or job sites in your own vehicles or in the custody of a carrier
    •  Automobile Extension Endorsement — offers an array of extensions needed by distributors, such as Broadened Insured, Supplementary Payments and Fellow Employee Bodily Injury
    • Product Adulteration and Contamination Endorsement — provides coverage for losses from both direct physical damage and business income
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    • Retail Selling Price Endorsement — amends value for retail stock to a selling price basis
    • Contractual Penalties — provides coverage for penalties incurred contractually due to a covered cause of loss
    • Emergency Vacating Expenses — provides coverage for an emergency evacuation as a result of a covered cause of loss
    • Limited Pollution Liability — provides protection against losses resulting from accidental release of pollutants either at or from your owned premises or at a job site
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    • General Liability Extension — offers an array of industry-specific extensions needed by distributors such as, Blanket of Additional Insureds, including Vendors, which provides coverage when written contracts require you to name others as additional insureds
    • Inland Marine Cargo — protects property in transit over land that is owned, leased or operated by the insured
    • Ocean Marine — provides additional protection for businesses that import or export raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods
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