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The most important factors sophisticated clients consider when purchasing their commercial insurance are scope of coverage and economic value. True & Associates will create an insurance program with endorsement forms specifically designed to respond to the requirements of this demanding market. Through innovative coverage and realistic limits, we accurately address and respond to today’s challenging restaurant business environment from Fine Dining to Family–Style Restaurants.

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NEW Workers Compensation Safety Group
from True & Associates and the NJRHA

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The Workers’ Compensation Safety Group from True & Associates is now available exclusively for New Jersey restaurants, bars, taverns, hotels, motel and B&B’s.


Up to 20% off manual pricing
Pay-as-you-go available
Dividend of up to 40% (based on performance)


Safety Group Policy Period 8/5 -8/4 annually
Dividend will be calculated 18 month after the end of the 12-month period
No loss development factors are applied
The Board of Directors must approve and declare a dividend prior to issuance

Click HERE to fill out the brief application.
It only takes a few minutes. Feel free to call True & Associates with any questions you have during the process.

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  • Risk Control services focused on preventing loss

    We recognize that the least disruptive loss is the one that never occurs. Our Risk Control consultants have a long and successful history of helping businesses protect workers, safeguard assets and improve productivity.

    We offer a comprehensive package of risk control services that can help your business avoid costly work stoppages.

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  • Effective and supportive claim handling service

    We provide a consistent, seamless approach to claim handling, beginning with initial claim reporting and ending with the final resolution of a claim. Our claims experts understand coverage and will see to it that your claims are handled promptly. Insurance carriers promise claim protection, if your independent broker partner that secures claims are paid.

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  • Cost management programs that can save you money

    True and Associates has many cost and case management programs designed to help manage and mitigate the overall cost of loss, including: medically-approved return-to-work programs that consistently return injured workers back to work quickly and safely; legal services that concentrate on controlling expenses and providing fair outcomes; medical peer review for a number of specialties; and state-of-the-art online budget, billing and communications systems — just to name a few.

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  • Products

    True and Associates’ broad portfolio of products goes beyond the standard business coverage. We offer the key coverage you need to protect your business.

    These and other cost management programs help you save substantial claim dollars and help improve productivity.

    Read through our robust list of products and services:

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    • Commercial General Liability — protects against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations
    • Liquor Liability — liability imposed on those selling alcoholic beverages, as well as the statutory liability established in some states
    • Assault & Battery — protect against bodily injury and property damage arising out of alleged acts of Assault and Battery
    • Food Borne Illness Protection — protects against claims of injury from contaminated fresh produce that causes foodborne illness
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    • Employee Benefits — a True and Associate Specialist will work with you to create a customized plan and help you implement your benefits strategy
    • Employment Practices — a form of liability insurance covering wrongful acts arising from the employment process
    • Garage Keepers — provides coverage to owners for liability as bailees with respect to damage to automobiles left in their custody for safekeeping
    • Directors & Officers — insures corporate directors and officers against claims, most often by stockholders and employees, alleging financial loss arising from mismanagement
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    • High Umbrella Limits — provides catastrophic loss protection when the underlying insurance is inadequate.
    • Food and Beverage Spoilage — valuable coverage for stock damaged due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of heating, cooling, refrigeration or humidity control
    • Time Element Coverage to include Water, Electric and Gas — form can be liberalized to extend to pumping stations and water mains, utility generating plants, switching stations, transformers and transmission lines, including overhead lines
    • Wine Market Value Form — coverage for the price of wine of what it could have been sold for at the time of loss or damage
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    • Business Income and Extra Expense — income continuation while operations are disrupted
    • Back Up of Sewer and Drain — resulting damage covered. Most forms exclude this coverage Systems Breakdown — protection of computer equipment, refrigeration, point-of-service
    • Theft / Employee Dishonesty — provides coverage for employee dishonesty
    • Terrorism Coverage — Provides coverage for losses arising out of acts of war or terrorism as defined in the Terrorism Insurance Act of 2002, subject to policy provisions.
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