Competitive Advantages

Our knowledge of the industry surpasses that of our competitors. Senior management has an extensive background in construction, accounting and underwriting  that gives our clients a huge advantage when we are dealing with CPA firms and surety bond underwriters.

  • Benefits

    Comfortable with your CPA and don’t want to make a change? We have the ability to instruct non-construction oriented CPA firms on how to produce construction based financial statements (a percentage of completion).

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    • True & Associates has the capacity to underwrite a broad spectrum of clients ranging from a small company with annualized revenue of $500,000 and under to a large company with annualized revenue in the $100 millions.
    • Our profound knowledge of the industry enables us to construct flexible and innovative surety programs.


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    Claims Management – Whether you are filing a claim against a bond or a subcontractor/supplier has filed a claim against your bond True & Associates can advise and instruct your organization on the most effective way to manage the claim.

    • True & Associates will guide your staff through the surety bonding process from start to finish.
    • True & Associates will establish a direct partnership with your company and the surety company to support your business plan.


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  • Carrier Relationships

    Our unmatched industry experience, product knowledge and background has enabled True & Associates to build confidence and trust with our surety carriers, giving us the ability to leverage our position in the marketplace.

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    • We are one of two agencies in New Jersey appointed with a top surety only carrier in the United States, North American Specialty (NAS). NAS has the unique ability to support risks from $100,000 to $35 million. Higher programs are available to those who qualify.
    • We are the only agency in New Jersey, domiciled north of Trenton, which has an appointment with HCC Surety Group. HCC Surety Group has the ability to write stand alone contract bonds and can use real estate as collateral to support programs up to $25 million.


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    • Building confidence and trust with the surety carriers has enabled us to leverage our position in the marketplace creatively customizing surety program for our clients that could not have otherwise been accomplished.


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  • Bond Offerings

    No matter the size of your organization or type of bond needed True & Associates has the markets to handle all types of risk.

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  • Contract Bonds

    • Bid bonds
    • Performance & Payment bonds
    • Maintenance bonds
    • Supply bonds
    • Release of lien bonds
    • Miscellaneous bond
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  • Commercial Bonds

    • Court –Fiduciary/probate bonds for executors, trustees, administrators and guardians.
    • Court – Litigant – Plaintiff & defendant court bonds. Examples: injunction, replevin, appeal and release of lien
    • License & Permit bonds – Bonds required by statue such as contractor license, reclamation, customs road use and tax bonds
    • Miscellaneous bonds – Public official, ERISA and fidelity
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  • Surety Carriers

    A contractor can meet its surety needs quickly with True & Associates. Our surety carriers are rated A- or better and have the capacity and financial strength to handle a client’s smallest project or a project that spans years.

    Small & Emerging Contractor

    True & Associates offers bond express services that require a two page application along with satisfactory personal credit scores.

    • Penn National – Offers $450,000 per job and aggregate.
    • CNA Surety – Offers $250,000 per job & aggregate. For program between $250,000 per job and $500,000 aggregate require corporate tax return, internal financial statement and personal financial statement
    • Travelers – Offers $500,000 per job & aggregate require corporate tax return and personal financial statement.
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  • Markets for Small-to-Medium Contractors

    • North American Specialty
    • Houston Casualty Company
    • International Fidelity Insurance Company
    • Selective Insurance Company

    Markets for Medium-to-Large Contractors

    • Liberty Mutual Surety
    • CNA Surety
    • Zurich Surety
    • Travelers
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  • Specialty Markets

    Specialty markets are designed to help complicated, difficult and unique risks by using various underwriting tools in support of a surety program or one time surety bond.

    • Allegheny Casualty Company (ACC): Has the ability to support $11 million single and $15 million aggregate bonded only program. ACC can support higher programs for those risks that qualify.
    • American Fire & Casualty Company:  Has the ability to support $5 million single and $10 million aggregate programs
    • Lexon Insurance Company:  Has the ability to support $7 million single programs except for those projects in New York.


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  • Critical Steps in Securing a Surety Bond

    Contract Surety Bonds

    For most surety programs in excess of $500,000 the following underwriting information is required:

    • Current period fiscal year end financial statement prepared by a certified public accountant.
    • Prior two periods’ fiscal year end financial statements prepared by a certified public accountant.
    • Current period aging of receivables schedule. (30, 60, 90 days & Retention)
    • Current personal financial statement for all owners of the company.
    • Completion of the True & Associates Agency Questionnaire.
    • Copy of a bank line of credit. (If Applicable)
    • Current work in process schedule.
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  • Commercial Surety Bonds

    • Current period fiscal year end financial statement prepared by a certified public accountant.
    • Schedule of existing bonds
    • Background on organization
    • Current personal financial statement for all owners of the company.
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