National LICA Surety Bonding Program

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In conjunction with LICA’s goal to always provide you with a world class benefits package, LICA has partnered with True & Associates to create the
 National LICA Surety Program
The National LICA Surety Program will give LICA’s members access to proprietary surety companies with exclusive rates.
At True & Associates, we couple this access to our surety markets with our in-house expertise in construction accounting as well as surety underwriting. The combination of which has allowed us to be one of the largest providers of surety bonds for the construction industry.
This Surety Bonding Program will provide LICA members with access to:
  • Proprietary surety bonding markets.
  • Specialty surety bond markets; (for environmental exposures and other issues that do not meet the criteria of the proprietary markets)
  • Government sponsored surety bonding programs for “8a”, WBE, MBE, & DBE certified organizations.
  • Exclusive rate structures for LICA members:                                                (Savings based on company financials)

Bonding program will include, but are not limited to the following types of bonds:

  • Bid/Payment/Performance
  • Union/Welfare
  • Site Improvement
  • License (contract)
  • Supply & Maintenance
Please telephone one of our associates toll free at 855-228-5422,or complete the online form below and someone will contact you.

David Grossbaum, Senior Vice President

Marc Michalewsky, Senior Vice President

Sandy Pace, Assistant Bond Manager


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