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Food & Beverage

You serve up nourishing treats for your customers — True & Associates provides the coverage you need to to keep your business healthy and growing.

 Food & Beverage Insurance Provider in NJ and NY

Commercial Insurance

There’s no smarter business insurance partner than True & Associates. 

Volatile global food markets are making your business more difficult every year. Thankfully, taking care of your business insurance just got a lot easier. Our policies for the food and beverage industry are designed to shield our policyholders from all too common vulnerabilities.

Theft / Employee Dishonesty

Provides coverage for employee dishonesty Business Interruption — provides protection designed to get your company back in business and operating at pre-loss levels as soon as possible

Key Employee Replacement Expense

Provides coverage for replacement expense incurred due to the permanent loss of services of a key named employee caused by a covered accident

Machinery and Equipment Breakdown

For the sudden and accidental breakdown of pressure, mechanical and electrical equipment

Non-owned Detached Trailers

Provides coverage for customers or contract carriers’ trailers left on your property

Transportation Coverage

Protects property in transit, including goods transported to customers or job sites in your own vehicles or in the custody of a carrier

Automobile Extension Endorsement

Offers an array of extensions needed by distributors, such as Broadened Insured, Supplementary Payments and Fellow Employee Bodily Injury

Product Adulteration and Contamination Endorsement

Provides coverage for losses from both direct physical damage and business income

Retail Selling Price Endorsement

Amends value for retail stock to a selling price basis

Contractual Penalties

Provides coverage for penalties incurred contractually due to a covered cause of loss

Emergency Vacating Expenses

Provides coverage for an emergency evacuation as a result of a covered cause of loss

Limited Pollution Liability

Provides protection against losses resulting from accidental release of pollutants either at or from your owned premises or at a job site

General Liability Extension

Offers an array of industry-specific extensions needed by distributors such as, Blanket of Additional Insureds, including Vendors, which provides coverage when written contracts require you to name others as additional insureds

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