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Risk is a common factor in everyday business.

Contractors face many pollution risks stemming from operations at their job sites. These include contaminated soil disposal and the accidental release of fuel oil, chemicals and toxic gases from broken pipelines, utilities, and stationary and mobile fuel tanks.

True Pollution PAC helps protect a wide range of pollution risks associated with construction projects.

Noteworthy Claims Examples

1. Street and Road Contractors

Claim denied for a street/road contractor that was subcontracted to pave a parking lot for a new commercial structure. At the end of the day, the tack coat was sprayed onto the sub-base prior to paving. During the evening, a major thunderstorm caused the tack coat to wash off and flow into a nearby stream. The general contractor withheld the subcontractor’s payment. In turn, the subcontractor filed a claim with its insurance company to recover lost revenue. The insurance company denied reimbursement based on the absolute pollution exclusion under the general liability policy

2. Excavation Contractors

A construction manager’s excavation subcontractor ruptures a line carrying petroleum products while excavating at a project site. Because the subcontractor was working after hours, considerable contamination spread before the line was shut down and the product contained. The combination of cleanup costs and emergency response resulted in millions of dollars in damages.

3. General Contractors

Contaminated Soil – A residential contractor unknowingly spread petroleum contaminated soil across a project site during fill operations for a housing project. The contractor was named in a lawsuit for exacerbating the extent of contamination. After lengthy deliberations, the contractor spent $250,000 in cleanup costs and defense.

4. HVAC & Mechanical Contractors

Toxic Fumes Released Into Community – A mechanical contractor was repairing an ammonia line at a food warehouse located in the center of town. A valve failed during operations and released over 60 pounds of ammonia into the facility and the surrounding community. Over 1,000 people reported medical conditions. The loss was over $350,000 due to bodily injury and business interruption.

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