At True and Associates, meeting your insurance needs is our primary focus. We strive to provide our clients with cost-effective risk management solutions to minimize exposure to financial loss. We achieve this by handling and continually advising through the insurance process.

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Key Enhancements

Minimum Premiums

For a one-year policy for $1M per incident and aggregate limit at a $10k deductible – $1500 plus applicable state taxes and fees; 25% minimum earned.


Key Enhancements

  • Silt and sedimentation included as a pollutant
  • Exception to the Professional Liability Exclusion for “all means and methods”
  • Defense Outside the Limits
  • Blanket 1st and 3rd party pollution related to transportation activities
  • Broad non-owned disposal sites language, with no scheduling required
  • All accounts will include certified TRIA Terrorism coverage
  • Crisis Management